Official Rules, Privacy Policies, and Disclosures

Official Rules

Note: this website and the format of the MovieHunch™ contests are still in beta testing. Future contests may have different rules than those posted for the current contest. Be sure to review contest rules for future contests as well.

  1. No purchase is necessary to participate in’s contests. Must be 18 years old or older and currently living in the United States. One entry per participant.
  2. The prize will be a Fandango Movie Gift Card.
  3. The MovieHunch (opening weekend box office earning prediction) closest to the domestic (U.S.A.) opening weekend box office earning as reported by (no affiliation) wins the prize.
  4. If two or more hunches tie (predict the same dollar amount and that amount is the closest to the BoxOfficeMojo’s reported earnings), the person who made the prediction first, based on database timestamp, wins the prize.
  5. DURING BETA TESTING THIS FEATURE MAY NOT BE OPERATIONAL: All predictions will be visible along with accompanying MovieHunch’s assigned id number, as soon as they are submitted. Participants are responsible for ensuring their own predictions are what they intended, prior to submitting their prediction.
  6. Winners and a predictions board will be posted on within 5 business days after movie’s opening weekend ends.
  7. Only entries in the contest’s database at the close of the contest will be considered for the prize. is not responsible for technology problems (including, but not limited to: servers being down; databases errors; websites crashing; IP providers; users computers; etc.) that result in entries not being submitted or submitted on time. Again, only entries in the contests’s database at the close of the contest will be considered for the prize.
  8. Any prediction submitted without an email address will be discarded.
  9. The prize will only be awarded to the email address provided at the time the prediction was made. If the email address was invalid, the winnings will be forfeit.
  10. The predictor id number (when provided) cannot be used as a form of identification.
  11. The MovieHunch database of submitted predictions is the official record of predictions.
  12. Moviehunch assumes any prediction or modification to a predictions or comments (when available) made under a person’s, name, username, email, facebook profile (when available), or MovieHunch account (when available) was done by that person and was intentional. It is the user’s responsibility to make sure they have logged out of any computer or account that is accessing
  13. All winnings are final.
  14. If there is a concern about the contest or system, please notify We will attempt to address the problem in future contests, but we will not change or award additional prizes after the winner of any given contest has been announced.
  15. Once a person has won 10 contests in a given year, they may continue to participate by submitting predictions. However, after a person has won ten contests in a given year, he or she will not be awarded any additional prizes.
  16. Your chances of winning are 1/n where n = the number of people who submit predictions.
  17. Only one prediction per person is allowed. If multiple predictions are made with the same email, the most recent prediction will be the only one counted.
  18. Any participant found to be intentionally making predictions in the same contest will be banned from future contests.
  19. No one living in the same residence as the owner of can enter into this contest.

It is all for fun. So, follow the rules!


MovieHunch does not post, distribute, or sell contact information. Any information collected is used to notify and announce the winner and at the aggregate level for internal analyses and advertisement selection. Unless the winner specifies otherwise, the winner will be announced using the first letter of their email address followed by an asterisks (e.g., M* if the won.)

In the future, MovieHunch will require login either through Facebook or a MovieHunch login. Contest participants and account MovieHunch account members are responsible for the content that they allow to be visible to others and shared with others.

Disclosures is a sales affiliate of with,, and Google Ad-sense. has no affiliations with the movie being highlighted for predictions, IMDB/Boxofficemojo, rottentomatoes, or any of the other movie databases or websites.